Hemorrhoid symptoms

  1. Mainly for blood in the stool, blood in the stool of nature may be painless, intermittent, and after the blood, then when blood or bloody hand on paper, constipation, after drinking or eating spicy food increase.
  2. Simple hemorrhoids heavy feeling no pain only, may hemorrhage, to develop prolapse, merger thrombosis, incarcerated, pain when infection occurs.
  3. Hemorrhoids are divided into 4 degrees.

①Ⅰ Degrees bowel bleeding, they are free to stop the bleeding, hemorrhoids no anus;

②Ⅱ Degrees often have blood in the stool; defecation anus after defecation automatically also satisfied; after

③Ⅲ Hemorrhoids prolapse need to hand-assisted also satisfied;

④Ⅳ hemorrhoids long in the anus, cannot also satisfied; wherein ⅱ degrees of hemorrhoids more form mixed hemorrhoids, manifested as internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids symptoms are present, there may be pain and discomfort, itching wherein the itching often due to sticky secretions out when hemorrhoids prolapse . After more than three times as mixed.

  1. External hemorrhoids usually no specific symptoms, may have swelling, pain and inflammation thrombosis.