External hemorrhoids symptoms

External hemorrhoids symptoms

First, the connective tissue external hemorrhoids

Symptoms Diagnosis: If there is no inflammation of connective tissue external hemorrhoids, patients feel only a partial foreign body sensation or difficult to clean the anus after a bowel movement, often a small amount of accumulation of secretions and feces, anal stimulation, eczema and itching may occur.

If inflammation, the sense of pain, sitting in walking.

Just fold the beginning swelling middle feces and secretions accumulate, the skin dark red, excoriation; due to repeated inflammatory stimuli, the protrusion outside the anus skin, soft, yellow, often after anus-line, there are In front of the anus or both sides.

Often accompanied by anal comb nipple hypertrophy and induration, easily stimulated, causing the sphincter spasm and cause pain.

Second, varicose external hemorrhoids

Symptoms Diagnosis: slow onset, beginning just feel swollen anal discomfort, defecation increased swelling, inflammation and other complications, if any, pain and other symptoms occurs.

Check seen around the anal canal or a lump around the anus uplift, surface covered with skin, subcutaneous expand varicose venous plexus.

Third, inflammatory external hemorrhoids

Symptoms Diagnosis: Patient conscious anal burning, wet itch, or after the event and after excessive symptoms.

Examination, anal folds visible redness, swelling, and a small amount of discharge.

Fourth, thrombotic external hemorrhoids

Symptoms Diagnosis: after a bowel movement or exertion, the skin came up in the anal edge a circular or oval-shaped mass, the patient feels allodynia, activities or bowel pain increased.

Due to sphincter spasm, feel the lower part of the rectum, anus, foreign body sensation, hinder walking, restless.

Mass surface color darker, sometimes purple, slightly harder, tenderness, and sometimes blood clots after 2 – 3 days absorption, pain relief, can heal. Sometimes purulent infection, skin ulceration, fistula is generated.