External hemorrhoids home remedies

External hemorrhoids – home remedies

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1. take a warm bath: will your hips soaked in warm water, may be the best way of treatment.

Warm the affected area to promote blood circulation and help shrink swollen veins here, and can relieve pain.

2. lubricating anus: After increasing the intake of fiber and water, your stools will become softer, but also more interest discharged.

You can also put some Vaseline in the anus, to further promote the smooth bowel movement and reduce pain. With a cotton swab or finger stick some Vaseline, applied half an inch at the anus.

3. do not squatting toilet for too long: Every time sitting on the toilet it is best not more than 5 minutes, especially not while the toilet while reading, this is a very unhealthy habit.

4. do not for a long time sitting motionless: Do not sit in a chair for hours without moving; even if it must be so, it should be at least five minutes every hour up activities.

5. do not lift heavy objects: heavy lifting or strenuous exercise, if excessive force during defecation, if you are prone to hemorrhoids, you should avoid excessive output.

6. When you complete a bowel movement, your responsibility is not over yet. Gently anus should be cleaned, this point is very important.

Some use very rough toilet paper, containing harsh chemicals. Should use colorless (white), odorless toilet paper. Best at home to install a bidet, rinse it after each.

7. more intake of water and fiber: constipation is caused by hemorrhoids greatest incentive, therefore, for the prevention and treatment of constipation, drink more water and eat more to be fiber-rich foods, apples, beets, Brazil nuts, broccoli, cabbage Section vegetables, carrots , green beans, wheat bran, the emperor beans, pears, peas, psyllium and whole wheat or other grains, are good choices.

8. do not scratch the affected area: hemorrhoids affected area may itch, but do not use scratching to relieve the discomfort that would damage the fragile rectal vein wall, make the situation worse.

9. control weight: overweight people are prone to hemorrhoids, because of their lower limbs to withstand greater pressure. As a result, they are more prone to varicose veins.

10. the use of drugs: There are all kinds of cures hemorrhoids creams and suppositories.

Although these drugs usually do not eliminate your problems, most of them belonging to a topical analgesic, but you can alleviate some of the discomfort. some will increase the bleeding.

11. turtle treat hemorrhoids for varicose mixed hemorrhoids, or bleeding hemorrhoids, eat turtle have a certain effect, but the connective tissue external hemorrhoids, eat turtle is useless.

12. hand push: Sometimes, hemorrhoids refers endometrial anus protrudes outward, rather than venous enlargement. If you happen protrusion of hemorrhoids, might try to push it back into the anus. Hanging on the outside of hemorrhoids easily evolves into blood clots.

13. sitting ring-shaped sting pillow: This hollow cushion, quite suitable for an often sedentary people, especially when your hemorrhoids attack.

14. pregnant women how to prevent hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids occur in pregnant women are particularly vulnerable, partly because of the uterus and anus vein right in communicating vessels above (blocked blood flow).

If you are pregnant, the treatment of hemorrhoids, every 4-6 hours, with about 20 minutes left the body lying on his side. This reduces the pressure on the major blood vessels of the lower body weight.