External hemorrhoids Etiology

External hemorrhoids – Etiology

1, local inflammation: Because hemorrhoid venous plexus stimulation leading to inflammation and infection, leading to elastic tendons in the wall of relaxation, decreased immunity and not cause blood circulation caused by thrombotic external hemorrhoids.

2, intra-abdominal pressure: In some adverse effects of the disease in patients with intra-abdominal pressure can cause the body increased, and vein tube blood circulation is not smooth, which can lead to thrombotic external hemorrhoids produce, while female patients if the patients have This condition also causes tumors to grow or intra-abdominal tumors, prostate disease, reproductive organs nearby.

3, physical stimulation: This is the main point or anal internal and external stimulation, and can lead to constipation and produce diarrhea, also affect the anus congestion, which can lead to thrombotic external hemorrhoids produce.

4, life factors: work reasons, sedentary long standing, long-term load, psychological stress, fatigue and other factors can lead to the generation of thrombotic external hemorrhoids.

5, genetic factors: such as congenital vein wall relatively thin, it will lead to the generation of external hemorrhoids, and clinical show symptoms like how much is caused by genetic factors, that is the last generation of people suffering from external hemorrhoids symptoms too.