External hemorrhoids Categories

First, the connective tissue external hemorrhoids

Connective tissue external hemorrhoids, named for its shape, also known as epicanthus hemorrhoids, skin sagging and redundant skin was hemorrhoids.

This external hemorrhoids is anal margin thickened skin folds hypertrophy, connective tissue hyperplasia, no varicose veins hemorrhoids, vascular little, wide at the bottom tip of the long, yellowish-brown or brown-black, prominent and easy to see, ranging in size and shape.

Sometimes there is only one, in the middle of the front or rear anus, sometimes several months around the anus week.

Etiology and pathology: often caused by constipation, the stool through the anus when dry, over-stretch the anal skin, anal folds tear injury, caused by infection or irritation, edema, fibrosis.

After inflammation dissipated, folds can not be restored to normal, so many injuries, then the folds hypertrophy, become external hemorrhoids. Anus and rectum various inflammations, such as proctitis, anal stenosis, hemorrhoids, anal sinusitis, anal fistula, anal fissure, but also generates connective tissue external hemorrhoids cause.

In addition, anal surgery, such as hemorrhoidectomy, anal sinus surgery, etc., because the skin cut, suture, ligature and other operating properly, will affect the anal lymphatic and blood reflux, often caused by connective tissue external hemorrhoids.

Second, varicose external hemorrhoids

Varicose external hemorrhoids is hemorrhoid tooth line the following varicose vein plexus, the anal margin to form a circular, oval or prismatic soft mass.

If edema, the shape becomes large.

In Chinese medicine, which belongs to the category of gas hemorrhoids. Such as “sore experience Illustrated book · anal fistula,” he said:. “Air hemorrhoids, namely a sense of gas under” The disease is generally not pain, no bleeding, anal or just feel a foreign body sensation.

More complicated and three internal hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids.

Etiology and pathology: those who caused the formation of a variety of causes of hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids can cause varicose veins, the main factors are: As diet, sedentary or long standing, chronic constipation or diarrhea, irritation, long-lasting increase in abdominal pressure, coupled with infection damage that hemorrhoid venous plexus dilatation, bleeding, buckling and form.

Third, inflammatory external hemorrhoids

Etiology and pathology: often due to damage to the anus after infection, or due to cause anal fissure caused by inflammation and edema folds.

Fourth, thrombotic external hemorrhoids

Etiology and pathology: Thrombotic external hemorrhoids external hemorrhoids are the most common one.

Often due to excessive force during defecation, strenuous activity or cough hard anal vein rupture, extravasation of blood into the connective tissue, it becomes a blood clot in the anal skin to generate a circular or oval-shaped mass, sizes, located inside the anal canal or outside the anus.

When the soft lumps early, after a few days to harden.

If no inflammation, tumor can be completely absorbed dissipated in 3–4 weeks, leaving no trace; such as repeated inflammation, connective tissue proliferation within the tumors, can be turned into connective tissue external hemorrhoids; such as infection, can generate abscesses.